Temporary Workers


A work order is received from our clients. This order will indicate the type of position that needs to be filled and the qualifications expected. A signed contract is also obtained from the facility agreeing to the terms and conditions for temporary employment, along with the rates to be billed.

We identify the best prospects by comparing the requirements of the facility and the interests of the provider to find a compatible match.

Orientation to the provider on the specific policies and procedures of the relevant unit, setting or program is required on the first day of work by someone at the facility.

We expect each temporary worker to dress appropriately white (pants and tops) in accordance with the standards of the profession and the facility, and to always have a professional demeanor/behavior on all assignments.


  • Clean shaven – no moustache or beard (no facial hair)
  • Tuxedo shirt. Black bow tie required (which can be bought at Burlington Coat Factory.) We provide jackets.
  • Black dress pants and shoes.


The temporary worker is required to have the supervisor that he or she is reporting to at the facility sign a timesheet indicating their approval of the hours worked.

The temporary worker is required to sign a timesheet indicating their approval of the hours worked.

The provider turns in the timesheet to the agency on Monday of each week to be paid bi-weekly.


24 hours cancellation notice needs to be given to the agency from either the facility or the worker if:

  • You cannot show up for your scheduled assignment
  • The facility no longer needs coverage
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