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How to Dress for your Shift

How am I supposed to dress for my shift?

Depending on where you are placed will dictate how you will need to dress for your shift. Listed below are some general guidelines.

  • Dress Black pants (loose, no jeans, cargos, or designs) with black belts (no big colorful buckles or decorations)
  • Black shoes (comfortable nonslip, no design) with black socks
  • Appropriate shirt for venue (long sleeve buttoned up black or white shirt) black or white polo shirts, white T-shirts or for very formal location, tuxedo with tie and vest
  • Tattoos must be covered by uniform

Uniforms must be complete, clean and pressed. Attire and appearance must be conservative in nature.


  • Make up should be tasteful, conservative and natural in appearance (no bright red lipstick, etc.)
  • Hair neatly combed, always pulled back or up with clips or hair bands that are natural in in color (black or brown). No jewelry, beads, ribbons or extreme hair colors are permitted.
  • You should have no more than 2 rings on hands. No necklaces should show on outside of uniform, Maximum of 2 earrings per ear which are smaller than a quarter. Dangling jewelry is not appropriate. Body jewelry/facial piercings are not allowed.
  • Short clean nails free of bright color polish, glitter or decals.


  • Must be clean/neat shaven for shifts
  • Hair neatly combined, always pulled or up with clips or hair beads that are natural in color (black or brown) No jewelry beads or extreme hair colors are permitted.
  • No jewelry showing outside of uniform except wedding or class rings



Carolina Blue Short Sleeve Polo
Black Dress Pants
Black Short Sleeve Polo
White Short Sleeve Polo
Long Sleeve Black Button-down Shirt
Solid Black Socks
White Tux Shirt & Black Bowtie
White Shirt and Long Black Tie
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