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The Mission of the Payroll Department is to pay all STSS employees and Independent contractors in an accurate and timely manner.

What We Do

The Payroll Department processes wage payments to employees, independent contractors and reconciles all earnings, taxes, deductions and benefits. The Payroll Department audits and processes hourly employee time sheets, payroll requests, direct deposit information, employee tax withholding forms, garnishments, and various other deductions. Payroll initiates requests for payment to vendors of various employee deductions.

Bi-Weekly Payroll

The Payroll Department processes pay every other Friday for all employees and for temporary hourly employees. For a calendar of the bi-weekly payrolls, please visit the Payroll Calendar page.

Tax Compliance

We regularly review all payroll tax regulations in order to maintain compliance with Federal and State law.

W-2 Processing

The Payroll Department processes W-2s for all employees. W-2s are mailed out no later than January 31st to the employee’s home address. Active employees who have given consent to receive their W-2s electronically, can access their W-2 online through Intuit.

Voluntary Deductions

STSS offers a variety of voluntary payroll deductions for temporary employees for a complete list of deductions please click on the Deduction tab.


What Is an I-9 Form?

Employers use Form I-9 to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals. Every U.S. employer must have a completed Form I-9 for each worker hired. To complete the form, you must provide documents as evidence of your identity, such as a driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport.

What Is a W-4 Form?

Each worker completes IRS- Form W-4 to indicate the amount of tax withheld from gross pay for federal income taxes. Employees complete similar forms for state income tax withholding. If you need a w-4 form you can you can visit ask your recruiter or visit the

What Does Withholding Actually Mean?

Withholding refers to the dollar amount of federal and state income taxes that STSS as an employer collects from a worker’s gross pay. The dollar amount is determined based on the IRS W-4 form and the state’s withholding form. We send the taxes withheld to the IRS and the state’s department of revenue.

The dollar amounts withheld are reported to you on Form W-2 after year-end. It’s your responsibility to file your personal tax return and calculate their tax liability. You subtract the

Time Sheets

Direct Deposit Info

What is ACH?

It stands for Automated Clearing House, which is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States.

Is direct deposit a requirement of employees at STSS

Yes all new employees are required to have direct deposit or have money put on a prepaid card Prepaid cards can be found or You can contact payroll or your recruiter to submit the direct deposit form. Payroll will follow up if the information is not completed.

Why does STSS want employees to use direct deposit or Pre-paid cards.

Close to 90% of STSS employees use direct deposit.  It is a fast and secure way to get to your wages. The risk of losing your check or information falling into the wrong hands is greatly reduced.

How do I sign up for, or change, my direct deposit?

Direct deposit accounts can be added or changed anytime. You need to fill out and submit the direct deposit form.

What information do I need to provide when adding a bank account?

The routing number and account number are required to set up a direct deposit account. Listed below is a sample check where you would obtain your routing and account number.

I don’t’ have a bank account how do I get paid?

You can visit to set up a pre-paid card or to get a prepaid card.

Bank Account Information

Can I deposit my pay to any bank?

You may have your pay deposited to most U.S. banking institutions.  Please check with your bank to be sure they can accept an ACH file.

Can I deposit money into an account in another country?

No, direct deposit is only available for financial institutions located in the United States.

How many active direct deposit accounts can I have?

You can have up to 3 direct deposit accounts on file.  The more accounts you have, the more confusing it can be.

How do I allocate my paycheck to different accounts?

Everyone needs at least one bank account where the ‘Balance’ of their paycheck gets directed.  Specific dollar amounts can be allocated to additional bank accounts.


Can I receive my paycheck by paper check?

Yes, checks are sent to:
1135 Kildaire Farm Rd.
Suite 200
Cary, NC  27511

*However, it is your responsibility to pick up your check. The Preferred method is to have an actual bank on file.

Payroll Information

Pay Frequency

How often am I paid?

You are paid every other Friday. You can visit our Pay calendar to see the pay date.

Our payroll week is Monday – Sunday. You will be paid for all work completed during this period the following Friday after the workweek is completed. Money will be direct deposited to your bank or you can pick up a check at our office location in Cary.

1135 Kildaire Farm Rd.
Suite 200
Cary, NC  27511

Timesheets/hours due each Monday. We Contact clients/staff for any missing sheets/hours on Monday & Tuesday.  For any time, sheets not submitted on time it will be paid the next pay period. It is your responsibility to track your hours. You can track via app, your phone timeclock or on a piece of paper.

Payroll Pay Period

I don’t see my hours submitted on my check.

Time sheets need to be submitted daily. They can be submitted by e-mail at or uploaded on your online portal.

Why am I missing hours on my paycheck?

DO NOT REPORT TO WORK without be confirmed by your STSS scheduler & YOU MUST SIGN IN or CLOCK IN in order to be paid for your work. You must have a completed application on file as well.

Holiday and Vacation

The Following are the eligible Holidays that STSS Inc. will pay for

  • New Year’s Day (January 1st)
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)

How do I view my paystubs and W-2?

STSS uses Intuit to process payroll. QuickBooks Workforce makes it easy and secure for you to view and manage your paychecks, W-2’s, and other employee info. Look for an e-mail from us to use as an email invite to Workforce, it will help you get started.

Paycheck Records has been replaced with QuickBooks Workforce.

As of October 31, 2019, employees who have been using Paycheck Records in viewing their pay stubs will be provided with the link to migrate to QuickBooks Workforce.

Accept Workforce invite from STSS Inc.

  • Look for an email from Intuit Services ( with a subject “Finish setting up with (STSS).”Note: Don’t see the invite? Check your spam folder. Or let us know about it. It’s possible we used an incorrect email.
  • Open the email, then select the Get access for paychecks link to accept the invite. Remember that you can only use this link once.
  • Create an Intuit account, or sign in with your existing one. Note an Intuit account lets you access multiple Intuit services using a single login. If you have a Mint or TurboTax account, you can use the same login for your QuickBooks Workforce.

Sign into QuickBooks Workforce

  • Open a browser on your computer or mobile device. QuickBooks Workforce runs smoothly on latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (for Mac).
  • Go to and sign in Note: If you forgot your password or user ID, select the I forgot my user ID or password link and follow the onscreen instruction.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Intuit. They are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. M-F

What is form W-2? A form W-2 shows you the total wages that you have earned for the year. Visit for more information on your W-2.

Why do I have deductions from my paycheck?

Deductions can range from anything from Child support uniforms, tax garnishments etc.

Why am I missing hours on my paycheck?

DO NOT REPORT TO WORK without being confirmed by your STSS scheduler & YOU MUST SIGN IN or CLOCK IN in order to be paid for your work.

Deduction Information

There are two types of payroll deductions: voluntary and involuntary. The Payroll Department is takes pride in making sure that your deductions are accurate and are sent to the correct organizations.

Involuntary Deductions

Involuntary deductions are those that are required by law, such as taxes, garnishments, and child support.

Voluntary Deductions

Voluntary deductions are the cost of benefits coverage that you elect to have, such as transportation, uniforms, and.  Voluntary deductions are available depending upon your employment status. You can order uniforms at our store.

Federal and State Tax Withholding

W-4 and NC-4 Forms

All employees should fill-out a W-4 form and NC-4 form for federal and state withholding taxes. for payroll processing, then the required assumption is that the employee is single with no exemptions.

Employees must file an amended Form W-4 and NC-4 if their filing status, exemption allowances or exempt status has changed since the last filing of their withholding forms.

Please consult with a professional tax advisor regarding your tax situation.  You may also look at Federal Publication 505 for information on Federal Tax Withholding as well as the IRS Online Withholding Tax Calculator.

Please see our Forms page for links to the Federal W-4 and State NC-4 forms.
If Claiming “Exempt” from Federal and/or State Withholding
If you claim “exempt” on either your Federal or State Withholding forms, no withholding taxes will be deducted from your pay.
You can claim exemption from Federal withholding if both of the following situations apply to you:

  • For the previous calendar year, you had a right to a refund of all federal income tax withheld because you had no tax liability, and
  • This year you expect a refund of all federal income tax withheld because you expect to have no tax liability

Please see the IRS chart for exemption from withholding on Form W-4.

You can claim exemption from State withholding if you meet both of the following conditions:

FICA and Medicare Taxes

The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) provides for a system of old-age, survivors, disability, and hospital insurance.

What is a Garnishment?

A wage garnishment is a legal procedure through which a portion of an employee’s wages are required to be withheld by the employer for the payment of a debt incurred by the employee. Garnishments can be for IRS, state, or county taxes as well as child support, education loans and bankruptcy.

Consumer Credit Protection Act

Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act limits the amount of an employee’s earnings that may be garnished and protects the employee from being fired if pay is garnished for only one debt. For further explanation, please refer to the US Dept of Labor Fact Sheet #30 regarding garnishment of wages.

Explanation of Garnishment Abbreviation on Pay Stub

Abbreviation Full Title
ChildSp1 Child Support – North Carolina
ChildSp2 Child Support (other state)
IRS Levy Internal Revenue Service Levy
NCDOR NC Dept of Revenue Garnishment
NCCnty NC County Garnishment
EduGar Education Garnishment
BkrptGar Bankruptcy Garnishment

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